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British Pounds

Validate the new £ 5 and £ 10 banknotes

Innovia Systems new Verus™ range of bank note validators are specifically designed to authenticate Innovia Films Clarity™C Balanced Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene(BBOPP) film manufactured using their unique ‘bubble’ process. Clarity™C is the base material for all Guardian® polymer banknote substrate, manufactured by Innovia Security.

Verus devices can detect the unique physical and optical characteristics of Clarity™C film. This means that if the note inserted into the device does not match these features, Verus will display a red light and produce an audible alert. Verus is therefore able to detect and confirm Clarity™C film, with any other unknown or suspicious polymer film types clearly being outsorted for further checking. Verus devices offer a high level of validation of the substrate and can be used as part of a broader security strategy. This in turn can build public and banking confidence in banknotes printed on Guardian® substrate.

All of the Verus devices are designed to:

  •   Check the authenticity of the currency
  •   Identify suspicious banknotes at the earliest transaction point
  •   Build confidence in the banknotes and their widespread deployment
  •   Provide comfort for new polymer users and support national education and communication strategy about new notes and materials
  •   Combat the threat of counterfeiting at all levels
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